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End o' Day glass is typically used to describe glass made in factories after hours, when the workers can make something unique for themselves.  We are using it here to show you some of our unique, experimental work, maybe for our home, our friends, or just for fun. Some of it is for sale too.

The Numbers Boat

Normally, when you think of digital, you're not thinking digits, but that's what this is. It's made of all the leftover numbers from our date murrinis. Fused, slumped, and finished to a matte surface, it is just under 18" long. -sold-

Sushi Plates

We have lots of smaller pieces of beautiful cane and other assorted pretty scraps, so we have been playing around with fusing them together and making these sushi plates. They are cool, really.


Recycled glass! and they work great!
These magnets are made using our cut-offs, which used to be scrap. We glue the glass to incredibly strong rare-earth magnets. These will easily hold up a bunch of notes or postcards. Rather painful as earrings...