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One-of-a-kind Toasting Goblets
Each of these pairs is a unique, one-of-a-kind set that are different in size and shape, yet go together. An exquisite gift for weddings or other romantic occasions. $395 each
Murrine Ball Goblets
Available in five different shapes, our best selling goblets show off our own millefiore. A pleasure to hold and behold.
Height: 5-9 inches - $230 each
Optic Goblets
These are available in a wide variety of transparent colors.
Height: 7-8 inches - $209 each
Djembe Cups
Modeled after African Drums, these fun cups have become very popular.
Height: 4½ inches - $110 each
These exceptionally cool glasses allow you to clearly see the wine through the lenses of the organic, web-like color.
Height: 4½ inches - $275 each
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Zanfirico Spheres with Murrine Detail
Heirloom quality and timeless design. An endless variety of our own unique twisted cane with one murrine button at the base of each. Diameter: 4 inches - $115.50 each

Murrine Spheres
With dates and other fanciful murrini, these have become our most popular ornaments. Very customizable for larger orders.
Diameter: 4 inches - $115.50 each
Striped Icicles
Our first ornament design continues to appeal.
Each one is unique with a wide spectrum of color combinations. Length: 8-9 inches - $52.00 each
Also available as spheres.
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Zanfirico Perfume Bottles
Height: 3-"


Height: 3-4½"
Height: 3-"
Height: 3-"